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       CoveyRise Plantation, Inc. prides itself on being customer endorsed. You depend on us to provide you with an enjoyable hunt and successful trip, and we depend on you to spread the word. You are our best advertisement. We have to do a good job if we expect a good recommendation.
       The exclusiveness of your stay, the dedication of our entire staff to your group, our location, and our accommodations will make CoveyRise Plantation your choice for years to come.

"CoveyRise Plantation, Inc. is the most hunter friendly lodge I have ever visited." -Rex Wilson

"I always feel like it is my own place -- They do it my way, not
their way." - Roger Klaesius

      "You're treated better than a valued customer -- You're part of a
special family." - Wayne Reed

      We at Micro Flo enjoy taking our customers to Covey Rise because
it's like going to see old friends. Robin and the guides
all make you feel at home, while providing an atmosphere to
conduct business in a relaxed setting. The hunts are always good!
- Randy Gilliam

      Ever since I was young I have had many wonderful experiences
hunting game in the South. However, it was not until I visited CoveyRise
Plantation that I realized the "ultimate hunting experience." I
have visited other hunting preserves, but none of them come close
to CoveyRise. They have something that money cannot buy. 
CoveyRise has the unique blend of atmosphere, dogs, birds, great
food, and personal touch that makes CoveyRise the ultimate hunting
experience. I have taken people to CoveyRise who have never hunted
before and really had no desire to. After visiting CoveyRise, they
went home and bought themselves a shotgun. You owe it to yourself.
If you visit CoveyRise you will never go anywhere else.
- Blanchard Howard

      This is my 10th year hunting at CoveyRise Plantation.  I am an avid hunter, hunting quail in Alabama, Tennessee, Texas and Georgia.  I have attended the last three Quail Unlimited celebrity hunts in Albany, Ga. and have hunted at extremely nice plantations!
      CoveyRise is by far my most favorite plantation to hunt, primarily due to the extreme level of customer satisfaction that the Singletary's provide.
      One may choose to hunt at one of the ?Orvis endorsed? lodges which are absolutely great, but if you choose to hunt at CoveyRise, you will be hunting on a plantation that is ?Customer Endorsed?!
- Woody Sigmin
Germantown, Tn. 38139





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